Become a Sponsor

Dear Potential Sponsor:

RC Striders Track and Field team is based in St. Louis, Missouri. We started this in 2010, on a journey to continue our father’s legacy. We do not discriminate, nor do we turn away anyone because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, etc. Our mission is to introduce the sport of track and field to our youth between the ages 4-18 years living in St Louis and surrounding areas.

RC Striders look forward to continual growth and development while providing young athletes an opportunity to learn proper techniques of track & field. Our program aids to develop the characteristics of hard work, self-discipline and leadership. We encourage our athletes to find their potential within, and excel in track & field, sportsmanship, fellowship, and enjoy a fun healthy lifestyle. We are extremely proud of our young athletes who have demonstrated integrity, respect, and diligence on and off the field. Each year we have developed award and metal winning athletes in the Junior Olympics and celebrated their accomplishments as honor students.

RC Striders believe that “it takes a village,” to create a strong foundation and community that can take pride in the future. In order to continue our journey, we rely on the support of individuals and local businesses. We have created sponsorship opportunities and are asking supporters to sponsor RC Striders at different sponsorship levels or something in between suitable to your needs and budget. It is always our goal to ensure all RC Striders athletes have the proper equipment and monetary support, so they can soar even higher in their craft!

Become a part of the RC Striders family through your sponsorship. Your contribution will help relieve stress off some families who are experiencing financial distresses; also will help with purchasing items from water to uniforms.

We would like to thank you in advance for sowing a seed into the lives of our young athletes and for joining forces with us in believing it takes a village to raise, develop, and keep our young people strong, vibrant, positive, and. exceling.

If you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email (information is below).

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Shayla Curtis – President

Camille Smith- Vice President

RC STRIDERS Track & Field

Sponsorship Levels:

If you want to reach hundreds of families in your community, we have a great opportunity for you!

Bronze – $180.00

Covers registration cost for 4 participating athletes.

Silver – $270.00

Covers registration cost for 6 participating athletes.

Gold – $360.00

Covers registration cost for 8 participating athletes or sponsorship for 1 athlete (uniforms, registration, and 9 track events)

Platinum – $500.00

Name will be displayed on team banner, public acknowledgement at our team hosted track event, and social media acknowledgment

Covers entire cost to sponsor a child athlete for the track season.

Breakdown of fees:

  • Track uniform (including warm-up suits)-  $160.00
  • Registration (with AAU insurance)    $45.00
  • 9 Track Events $135
  • USATF championships/regional qualifiers    $75.00
  • Miscellaneous (travel/food, etc)                     $85.00