R.C. Striders Track Club will Strive to teach, develop, and coach the best techniques in track and field in each of our athletes as well as Instill good sportmanship and moral values to Help your child get through life.

Our Story

The R.C. Striders Track Club is a Christian non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 under the inspiration of the late Reverend Richard Curtis who served as Vice President of the Royal Knights Athletic Association for many years by Shayla Curtis, President. With the support from Camille Smith, Vice President and Alicia Davis the legacy of the RC Striders continue.

The Club was founded to reach out to our youth to instill good sportsmanship and moral values at an early age. In our first year we enrolled more than 50 athletes on our roster. Many of those athletes qualified for regional meets and six went on to compete in the Junior Olympics. We have continued to see increase in enrollment as the seasons progress with many more of our athletes qualifying to compete in the Junior Olympics. We are looking forward to serving the youth and our community for many more years to come!

Our Coaches

R.C. Striders Coaches are highly dedicated to developing their young athletes into outstanding citizens!

Coach Shayla Curtis

As President of the RC Striders, Shayla Curtis, is a former athlete of the Royal Knights Track Club where she dominated the distance running field for years in the Saint Louis region. Coach Shayla has been fully committed to running a successful track club while building relationships across the globe that will aid in the success of our youth and communities. Coach Shayla is a nurse practitioner who also focuses on the healing of our bodies and the betterment of a healthy lifestyle.

It is my duty to continue to motivate and build a successful organization for the youth to grow and succeed”

Coach Camille Curtis-Smith

As acting Vice President and assistant head coach of RC Striders, Camille has been a mentor and advocate against youth struggles for over 10 years. Camille has been active in the Track & Field community since a child.

“The passion and driving force is larger than Track & Field. It’s about building unity, a village raising children, mentorship, and molding the youth for greatness.”

Coach Latoya Scott

A mother of two beautiful daughters and a handsome grandson. A community activist, Latoya is a former elected official for the city of Wellston (member of the council for 4 years). Latoya led a dance team, Trojan Divas, that not only made moves on the dancefloor, but also provided service to the community. Latoya has been leading the pee-wees of the RC Striders for the last 4 years.

“Giving back to the community is a must”

Coach Aiden Smyth

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A student and track athlete at Washington University, Coach Aiden has a passion for building and instilling greatness in the young athletes he serves. Coach Aiden has been with the RC Striders since 2020 and has been leading by example for 3 seasons. As an aspiring English professor, Smyth hopes to continue being involved in developing successful students for our society.

Coach Alicia Davis

Loving and devoted mother to her collegiate son, Coach Alicia Davis has served as a mentor to the youth for many years. Coach Davis has served as a head coach and has held a high level of commitment to the RC Striders Track and Field Organization for more than 12 years. Coach Davis takes her craft very serious and continues to study technical training every day for the betterment of RC Strider’s young athletes.